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Changing technicians into business owners

Most small business owners feel stressed and overwhelmed. They are working longer hours and earning less money than when they were employed.

If they don’t make changes their debts will increase and their health will deteriorate. They will become a statistic – only one business in 10 survives five years.

For most businesses, the main problem is YOU!

We work with business owners to change their mind set and change their business.


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Sally Marshall

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Claire Hughes

I have started the Millionaire Mindset course with Sally and after only one session I feel that this is going to be extremely beneficial to running my business. I would recommend that all business owners attend the course in order to improve systems, processes and ultimately profits. I have learnt so much already and am really looking forward to the rest of the course.

M-Corinna Hartwig

I have now listened to two of Sally's talks and find them really inspiring. Sally's style is so down to earth, and comes straight from the heart. It is just so easy to relate to her journey. Her narrative always links with real life stories, which gives the listener the feeling that anything is possible -with a bit of luck and can do attitude. She has certainly inspired me to try to write an eBook, so watch the space. Let's see where it takes me is what Sally would say...

Andrea Barker

Sally is extremely personable and professional, and helped demystify the world of social media for me, to help move my business along, by creating an effective social media presence. Sally also gave me a step by step guide to take home and it has proved very useful I would definitley recommend her services Thank you Sally

Bev Rolfe

Sally is a brilliant businsswoman. Her first, self-published, book (Delegate to Elevate) is amazing and I am waiting with baited breath for her second one (available for pre-order via Amazon). She is friendly, helpful and a real support to my business. Her numerous skills are invaluable and I am pleased and proud to know her as a friend and mentor. I recommend anyone in business to get to know Sally and engage her support. Bev Rolfe, Admin Angel.

David Newman

Sally's book Delegate 2 Elevate provides an easy to digest 7 step insight into how a business of my size can move to the next step from being self employed to a business owner. The book has installed greater emphasis into setting up a series of systems which essentially allows me to focus on the vision and direction of the business. I found a lot of the comments common knowledge, however put in a simple way that they resonated and resulted in action being taken. If you're self employed and want to set-up a SME then I highly recommend Delegate 2 Elevate. Good read!

Linda Bishopp

Sally has been helping me with structure and goals for my networking group. I have found her clear focus and down to earth approach invaluable. This has given me space to clearly see how to move forward. Her book, Delegate 2 Elevate, is also a mine of useful information and I would recommend any small business owner to read it!

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